Simply sign up to receive alerts via email for any of the classifiers that are part of your Cipher library. This includes alerts for classifiers in pre-built taxonomies such as Automotive, and Financial Services classifiers, and also custom built classifiers that are bespoke to you.

By signing up to our Classifier alerts, you will be updated on new entrants in specific technology areas, including new applications, and new grants. Other useful updates to these patent families include notifications of new legal events, and reassignments.

You can re-run your report to get up-to-date patent information on the landscape.

  1. To subscribe, simply click the 'subscribe' button within your Alerts tile on your Cipher homepage and select the classifiers in your library for which you wish to receive alerts.

  2. If you already subscribe to some classifiers but wish to add others, simply click 'edit subscriptions' in the same location):

You will then receive regular email alerts with links to reports for the technology areas selected:

The links shown in red, take you into a Cipher report containing the information selected.

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