When you search for an organisation in Cipher, results are grouped to show all patents assigned to all entities including subsidiaries, acquired companies, merged companies and companies corrected for erroneous entries in the patent registry. For more information relating to Cipher Corporation Grouping and Organisation ownership please click here.

Cipher groups to the ultimate parent (“Organisation”), to the owning entity (“Owner”), and to the legal owner on record (“Assignee”).

Further information on these definitions can be found here:


  • This is a cipher curated organisational group, and represents the way that a portfolio is grouped in your specific report.

In the example above, if Volkswagen Group’s portfolio is added to the report (click the tick to the right of Volkswagen Group in the image above), the 'organisation' would be listed as 'Volkswagen Group’ in your report.

If Porsche’s portfolio is added to the report (click the tick to the right of Porsche AG in either of these instances in the image above), the 'organisation' would be listed as ‘Porsche’ in your report.


  • The company that the patent family is assigned to.

Our data provider 1790 help with patents that change hands and the structure of what we refer to as Owner.

Both 'organisation' and 'owner' are cipher created groups that incorporates grouping of subsidiaries and similar sub-entities into larger groups in Cipher.

Organisation and ownership grouping combine’s data from our data provider 1790, Cipher software, Cipher manual grouping and Cipher user input. The aim here is to correct any errors in the raw data and ownership structure.


  • The legal owner/assignee named on the patent, or most recent assignment.

Ownership is determined and based on the current registered owner at the respective patent office. If a patent changes hands, Cipher tracks that. We also highlight jointly owned patents and they show up in results for both owning entities. Jointly owner patents are listed in the Cipher data, as shown below:

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