This article explains how to combine report options. But why would you do this?

  • You may wish to carry out a patent upload, and then search for organisations with similar assets to the patent upload. Here's a short video explaining how to do this:

  • You may wish to combine a multiple organisation search, with a list of patents in an upload. You may wish to do this to see how the patent upload compares to the organisation's portfolios in your report:

  1. Click on the 'New Report' tile

2. Select the Patent Upload tab

3. There are two options to upload a custom patent portfolio:

  • Paste a list of patent numbers or families into the box.

  • Choose a file by clicking on the file upload button. The file would follow a csv/excel format and contain enough information to identify patents and or families.

Here are examples of both scenarios:

Paste patent numbers or Cipher family IDs into the box

If you paste more than one patent per line, ensure that box circled below 'Data is neat, one patent per line' is unticked. Then select 'Upload input text':

Or Upload patent numbers via a file upload

Click the 'Upload Excel or CSV' button. Please note that patent numbers would ideally exist individually in columns within the file, however Cipher will look at any cells in order to find matches to patent numbers e.g. if separated by spaces. Here are a couple of examples:

For a list of supported formats for patent upload, please click here.

Handy Hint: There is also a link to the 'Supported Patents' help article, within the patent upload section of Cipher. This can be seen in the advisory note in the screenshot below - 'For details on the different formats accepted please see our 'help centre'.

  • Once you've added the patent upload to your report, click on the organisation search tab and type in the organisations that you wish to add to the report.

  • Apply your classifiers to your report, or choose your clustering options.

  • Select to run your report

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