What is the Patent families list view?

This is a list of all of the patent families in your report giving you access to detailed information such as priority date, granted date, territory and status, expiry date, CPC codes, future cost projection to name a few. It presents the information in a table format and is fully customisable allowing you to filter data.

You also have the ability to apply a key word search to filter the data of your report by reference to the title and abstract.

How to access the Patent families list view:

  1. Generare a report

  2. Click the 'Patent families list' button in the top left-hand corner of your report

3. You'll then be taken into the 'Patent families list' view shown below:

How to refine your results:

You can select data that you want include or exclude in the list view by going into the tabs illustrated below. You can choose whether to include all patent families in the data view, or only those of a particular status:

You can also select the columns that you wish to view:

How to export the data:

You can export the data in this view, via the options drop down in the top right of the patent family list view. Prior to exporting, ensure that the columns/metrics you wish to include in the export, are selected in the columns drop down such as 'score' given to a family by the classifier, or 'pending/granted/expired territories':

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