This report allows you to upload a list of patent numbers and tag to your own technology cluster name, and portfolio/organisation name.

Reasons for doing this include:

  • It may be that you have an internal naming system for patents within your portfolio.

  • You may wish to rename the technology clusters in your cipher report

  • It may be that you want to rename the organisations, or combine organisations from an existing Cipher report.

Please contact for more information on this report type.

What are technology clusters?
A Cipher technology cluster is a grouping of patent families relating to the same technical area. Technology clusters are based on 'features' or meta-data points, including: CPC codes, citations, title and abstract.

How are technology cluster names determined?
Cipher Cluster names are machine generated, by reference to the title and abstract. The Clusters are given a name that most closely describes all patent families in the Cluster using text summarisation, and natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

How to customise the names of the technology clusters:
Use the Custom Clustered report if you would like to customise the names of the technology clusters. This may be that you have an internal naming system for patents within your portfolio, or you may want to generate a Cipher report with customised cluster names.

1. Open a spreadsheet with the Cipher family IDs in one column, the custom portfolio name in the second (could correspond with the owning organisation for example) and the corresponding technology name in another. This information can be downloaded from an existing Cipher report from the patent family list view.

Click here to understand how to convert patent numbers into Cipher Family IDS

2. Rename the families as you see fit i.e. the technology names or the custom portfolio name i.e owner.

2. Copy all of the data onto the clipboard.

3. Click 'Upload' from the Custom Clustered Report tile on the Cipher home page (Please contact for access)

4. Paste the list of Cipher family IDs, portfolio name and technology name into the text box.

5. Click 'Upload' and name your report

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