Cipher is the leading intellectual property analytics tool designed to help your business make better decisions. By analysing the world's patent and litigation data, we provide accessible intelligence that saves you time, saves you money and minimises risk.

Unlock the largest library of scientific information by harnessing the latest advances in machine learning, providing a fresh source of competitive intelligence.

In the next set of articles, we show you how to start your Cipher report and ways to navigate the data of your report:

Introduction to Cipher

Starting a report

Global Landscape report

Organisation and classifier report

Clustered Organisation report

Patent upload report

Navigating and Editing your report

Editing your report

Report Filtering Options

Chart Filtering Options

Creating a favourite set of charts, & other custom views

Cipher data view & export

Patent Family Tagging

Custom Reports and Combining Data

Taking a subset of data into a new report

Combing Report Options

Cipher Organisation Sets

Custom 'Three Column Upload' Report

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