You will have access to a different number of Disputes charts depending on the type of report you have created.

For details on each individual dispute chart type, please click here.

Organisation report:
Cipher will extract full litigation data when starting with an organisation search for both defendant and plaintiff litigations, resulting in 12 dispute chart options:

Other reports:
When creating the following report types, Cipher will retrieve litigation information on litigated patent families only:

  • Keyword search

  • Patent upload / Custom upload reports

  • Classifier reports

  • Automotive: Instant Insights / Custom report

The charts available within these types of reports, for the litigated patent families are:

  • Litigated patent families, by organisation

  • Litigated patent families, by technology

  • Litigated patent families, by organisation and Technology

  • Disputes Table, patent family disputes

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