In the Cipher webinar series, we cover each of the Cipher solutions. The short webinar below, Have your patent data at eye level, showcases the new features of the Cipher interface by walking you through our Technology Trends workflow.

Our Customer Experience team looks at how you can track the technologies of today and discover unknown owners of disruptive innovation.

We cover the following:

  • identifying new entrants to a space, including how many patents they have, whether they're a threat, a potential target for M&A or whether they're infringing on your IP,

  • understanding the number of patents across a technology,

  • reviewing trends to predict the roadmap of their owners,

  • helping to choose technologies that best enhance your organisation's revenue,

  • and we'll be sharing an example document containing key insights and conclusions gleaned from this analysis.

Please do reach out to the Cipher support team on to request your own tailored walk through, or to request the slides and key insights document from the session.

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