In the Cipher webinar series, we cover each of the Cipher solutions.

The webinar below Finding and Accessing targets for acquisition and licensing will not only help you to find targets of interest for potential acquisition or licensing, but will also help you to understand a portfolio in context and perform thorough due diligence in your later M&A activities.

Our Customer Experience Team use Cipher’s unique target finding feature, combined with a custom M&A chart set, to explore the following key areas of analysis:

  • How to find find targets for acquisition or licensing relevant to your technology areas, or technology areas of interest,

  • How to use Cipher to review targets already found to understand their portfolio in context against similar portfolios (you might even find a portfolio more suitable for acquisition!),

  • How to see how an acquisition or license would affect your overall position compared to others,

  • and we'll be sharing an example document containing key insights and conclusions gleaned from this analysis.

Please do reach out to the Cipher support team on to request your own tailored walk through, or to request the slides and key insights document from the session.

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