How does Cipher calculate cost?

Cipher estimates all the associated costs of obtaining and maintaining each patent, such as translation fees, foreign counsel fees, and chosen filing route. This estimate is calculated from comprehensive cost data supplied by 80+ patent attorney firms.

We include the following fees:

  • Filing fee & examination fees (exact fee based on patent office information)
  • Renewal fees (exact fees based on patent office information)
  • Prosecution costs (estimated)
  • Translation costs (estimated)
  • Foreign Council fees (estimated)

We make one assumption in calculating the fees above - that everyone uses external prosecution of patents. 

We track the chosen filing routes, all office actions and all patent payment information, and can therefore accurately estimate the types of fees incurred and the size of the fees.

The charts relating to cost show either the cost to date, or future costs. To clarify:  

COST TO DATE – cost incurred in the lifetime of the patent

FUTURE COSTS – total future costs for the maximum lifetime of each patent family (assuming the status of pending and granted patents within that family remain unchanged)

Here is an example of these two types of chart visualisations:

We break up application and renewal costs – these can only be viewed on a family by family basis. To access this view within a report, select the 'Data - patent families list' tile at the bottom of your chart visualisations, and then click the 'Cipher family ID' in red, to the left of the patent family you wish to review.

You can then select to review all costs, or application costs and renewal costs individually related to that patent family:

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