There are a number of ways to view and use your Recent Reports:

  1. In the Recent Reports tile. 

  2. In the Report History.

1. The Recent Reports Tile

The recent reports tile will always show you the last five reports you have created. This list is hyperlinked and by clicking on a report name you can access it.
You also have the option to click on “see more” and you will be redirected to the full Report History.

2. The Report History 

You can access the report history directly, by clicking the clock icon in the top right hand corner. It will show you all the reports you have created or viewed, and any saved reports. 

Please note that any unsaved reports expire after six months of inactivity (no views) and we send notifications to you when reports you have created, are due for deletion.

Ensure to save reports to keep them in your account indefinitely.

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